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Actual Distribution

15th Period
2,802 yen

Scheduled date to commence distribution payments:November 18, 2019

Forecast Distribution

16th Period
2,570 yen
17th Period
2,599 yen
16th Period
2,538 yen

Portfolio Data

Number of assets
March 29, 2019
Total Acquisition Price (billion yen)
March 29, 2019
Occupancy Rates (%)
February 29, 2020

Financial Information

15th Period (ended Aug 2019)

What's New

Mar. 16, 2020Others
Obtaining of the Right-of-First-Look PDF (34.8KB)
Mar. 2, 2020Others
Changes in a Specified Related Corporation PDF (124.7KB)
Feb. 27, 2020Others
Partial Amendment to Asset Management Guideline PDF (338.7KB)
Jan. 31, 2020Others
Notice Concerning Obtaining of the Right-of-First-Look PDF (224.3KB)
Jan. 29, 2020Others
Notice Concerning Borrowing of Funds and Signing of Interest Rate Swap Agreement PDF (240.0KB)
Dec. 26, 2019Others
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