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Occupancy Rates

As of Sep. 30, 2020


    Tokyo Metropolitan Area Greater Osaka Area Others Total
Sep. 2020 Number of properties 38 20 20 78
Number of tenants 73 37 34 144
Leased Area(m2) 1,530,181 765,258 585,882 2,881,323
Leasable area(m2) 1,531,458 766,120 586,782 2,884,362
Occupancy Rates(%) 99.9(99.9) 99.9(99.9) 99.8(99.9) 99.9(99.9)
(Note1) The occupancy rate is calculated by dividing total leased area for each property by the total leasable area at the end of every month, rounded to the first decimal place. However, the occupancy rate is rounded down to the first decimal place and described as 99.9% when the occupancy rate becomes 100.0% as a result of being rounded.
The rate in the brackets includes the leasable area secured to be leased by signed leases in addition to the leased area at end of every month.
(Note2) "Leasable area" is the area of property or property in trust that is available for lease in accordance with the relevant lease agreement or architectural drawing, and rounded down to the nearest decimal place. "Leasable area" may change slightly, according to the lease contracts, etc.

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